60th Reunion 2019

Survey Results


Thank you to everyone who answered our Survey.  We had over 30 responses both on the website and by regular mail.  There were also some who simply commented on certain aspects rather than answer every question.    For these reasons, a true statistical analysis of the Survey is impractical, but I will summarize the sentiment of the Class.  We did achieve our goal, which was to gain some sense of what folks want in a Reunion..

There were a few points on which most people agreed.  First, there was nearly unanimous agreement on timing in the 2nd week of September 2019.  The need for a 3rd day was fairly evenly split - some who chose yes or no also said they had no opinion.  For those who chose, a weekend date was moderately favored over a midweek Reunion.  It appears, then, that the weekend of September 13-15, will be the way to start.  For those for whom a couple days is adequate, the 3rd day will simply be optional - we'll get all the really good stuff into the first 2 days.  If there appear to be significant advantages for a midweek Reunion (better venues, lower costs, improved attendance, etc.) we can reconsider the midweek.

Almost everyone thought the opening casual cocktail party was excellent and we will likely continue with that in some form.  Regarding the Saturday night dinner, the issue turned out not to be cost, elegance, or fine cuisine.  It seems what nearly everyone wanted most was freedom to move about and interact with old friends as much as possible, in a less structured event.  Westwood CC may well be able to provide that ambiance, but we will also look at other venues with those characteristics in mind.

A golf event on Friday is still strongly favored by the relatively few people who wanted to play.  Several women expressed interest in playing, but, "... only if there were other women playing."  So Lady Golfers, call your friends and get 'em to come out and  play.  A few golfers favored Westwood in particular (with good reason!) but most put more emphasis on simply playing together than on any certain course.  Friday and Saturday are days loosely structured:  some people just set up casual get-togethers to spend extra time with close friends. For instance, at previous Reunions, we met for lunch at Bearden's or revisited the High School (Friday afternoon only).  As the Reunion gets closer, other ideas and suggestions can be incorporated into the schedule.  Quite a few folks liked the idea of a Sunday Brunch Cruise on the SS Nautica. 

So it seems that our 60th Reunion will be similar to prior Reunions but a with a little less formality, and more emphasis on socializing  and reminiscing.  As in the past, we'll insert some fun stuff just to keep everyone awake!  Please don't hesitate to make suggestions about things which you think would be enjoyable and entertaining during the Reunion.  We will be selecting a convenient hotel and will set up a block of rooms for our out-of-town guests.

We will continue to post Reunion developments on the website as well as by mail for those of you who don't live on your computers.  When all the details are worked out, we will post registration forms online and by mail.  This year, you will be able to charge directly to your credit cards which will simplify our workload and should be much more convenient for you as well.

Finally, we are missing contact information on about 1/3 of our Classmates. If you know someone who has moved or isn't on the website, urge them to get back in touch.  And please, update your own Profiles on the website, check your contact info, maybe even upload some pictures of the grandkids!  Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Reunion!     

Thanks, Bill