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When we graduated in 1959
Life lay before us,
There was so much to do.
The world was ours to conquer and explore
When we last closed our High School door.

There were jobs to be found
Further education to be had,
And someday becoming Moms and Dads.
Some chose to travel many miles away
For others, this was the place to stay.

Some may have accomplished
Most of the things they had planned
And think life has been just grand.
While in other lives
Many changes had to be made,
We had to make lots of adjustments
Along life’s way.

But no matter what
As we gather once more,
I’m sure we’re glad
We’ve made it this far.
As we renew old acquaintances
And talk about the things we used to do,
We will learn we are short a few.

Some have departed this life along the way
And are absent from our gathering today.
Now as their names are read
Some will remember things
That they did or said.
Faces will become vivid once more
Though they haven’t come thru the door.

So let us live our lives
Mindful of the things we say and do,
For the next one missing
Might be me or you.